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Brugge Plus

May 2020 - January 2021 (edition 2020)

The second edition of Wintergloed, which ran from November 27 2020 to January 10 2021, was again an unforgettable experience. Connection was the theme word of this edition, something we all needed in the difficult Covid19 times.

No fewer than 10 light installations bathed Bruges in a warm glow, including a spectacularly lit Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk tower that could be seen from miles away and a shadow play on the windows of the Gruuthuse Museum. Add to that the new, atmospheric Christmas lights and the many Christmas trees and you know that it was a wonderful winter experience again.

For the second edition of Wintergloed, Brugge Plus vzw called on Reach For More to prepare and coordinate the entire event. This assignment consisted of two parts: the light trail through the city and the ice rink with winter bar in Site Minnewaterpark. Due to COVID19, the second part unfortunately had to be cancelled.

The range of tasks of Reach For More consisted of:

  • Prepare and follow-up budgets

  • Prepare and follow up production plans

  • Project management for Site Minnewaterpark

  • Contact and follow-up with the light partner to create the light trail

  • Prepare and submit permit files

  • Prepare and submit safety files

  • Follow up and coordinate construction, dismantling and operation

  • Coordinating and briefing stewards on site

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