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Vaccinatiecentrum Gent

Jaagbaar / Stad Gent

April – October 2021

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Wuhan (China) rapidly spread across the globe and quickly resulted in a global economic and social crisis. Many sectors worldwide, including the events sector, were affected by the pandemic. To this day, many countries are doing their utmost to resume normal life. An important means to achieve this is to vaccinate as many inhabitants as possible in temporary vaccination centers.

The City of Ghent also started a large vaccination center in Flanders Expo. Medical infrastructure was provided in the building with various vaccination lines. In addition to doctors, nurses and security personnel, a group of volunteers was active in the center every day to welcome and guide people throughout the vaccination process.

The City of Ghent called on Jaagbaar to coordinate the public flows and direct all volunteers. In turn, Jaagbaar contacted partners, including Reach For More, to make sure there were qualified coordinators on site at all times.

Thanks to our experience in the event sector, and together with all parties involved, we ensured a friendly, safe and smooth reception for every visitor. The strong organization and cohesion in the center ensured high efficiency, so that a visit to the center only took 20 minutes, from the parking lot to the exit.

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