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Light Festival Ghent


November (edition 2021)

The Light Festival of Ghent is a free triennial event where the city is illuminated with the work of national and international light artists. Ingenious installations, spectacular performances and numerous lighting elements provide an enchanting spectacle. Visitors get the chance to get to know historical places and monuments in a different way.

Edition 2021

The event was organized by the City of Ghent in collaboration with Jaagbaar. As a production partner, they were responsible for planning and co-coordinating the event, which took place from 10 to 14 November 2021. Together with the artists, Jaagbaar took care of the construction and dismantling of various installations and provided around hundred volunteers for crowd control during the festival.

Jaagbaar brought in freelancers from Reach For More for logistical support and to help coordinating the volunteers during the four-day event.

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