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Koninklijke Yacht Club Nieuwpoort

February 2021 - April 2022

A different type of assignment…

At the beginning of this year, our help was called in by the Royal Yacht Club in Nieuwpoort (KYCN). The Agency for Maritime Services and Coast (AMDK), which owns the port and has entrusted its concession to the KYCN, has decided to renew all the port's basic infrastructure. In concrete terms, the main docks, land abutments, gangways, piles as well as the public lighting around the dock will be tackled. The port will be given a completely new layout, which means that a few more mooring places will be added.

The KYCN saw these plans as a unique opportunity to renew its own infrastructure on the water after 15 years. The KYCN is investing in a large number of new finger docks, a new electricity and water network, a new Wi-Fi system, a thorough renovation of the harbor master's office, a sanitary pontoon and new signage.

The biggest challenge in this project is to have the port empty by September 30 and then completely dismantled by November 1. All boats must be taken out of the water or moved to other ports. In addition, all finger docks must be placed on dry land and the existing water and electricity network must be dismantled. In other words ... a real logistical challenge.

Reach For More is responsible for the co-coordination of the project. First, we are the intermediary for AMDK and the Yacht Club. We attend work meetings, harmonize schedules and are responsible for applying for permits. In addition, we follow-up all the construction works for KYCN: we draw up tenders, schedules and budgets, we take measurements and arrange all practical matters with the port staff and the City of Nieuwpoort.

This assignment is a great challenge that will fully erupt in September and should be completed by April 2022.

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