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Gentrepreneur Days


November 2019

Gentrepreneur is an initiative of Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, UGent, HoGent and the city of Ghent.

Gentrepreneur is an organ that inspires and informs young people about entrepreneurship. Its main goal is to create a challenging, stimulating and vibrant Ghent entrepreneurial community. One way Gentrepreneur is doing this, is by organising events were young entrepeneurs can get in touch with inspiring role models, experts and experienced entrepreneurs.

A freelancer of Reach For More assists Gentrepreneur with this event series and is responsible for managing the production side of each event. Tasks include:

  • Setting up budget plans

  • Venue scouting and contracting

  • Creating the right look & feel (e.g. light design)

  • Making arrangements with all suppliers

  • Contracting and coordinating crew

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