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Services & pricing

Reach For More offers a wide range of services, ranging from project management to logistics support.


Based on the scope of the project and the necessary profiles, we prepare a tailor-made offer.


We work with an hourly, daily or project rate. If applicable, other costs such as transport, meals and accommodation will also be charged.

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Project management

Does your company have a large project that needs specific knowledge or are there a big number of events that need organizing? There are various reasons to hire an external project manager. We manage your project from A to Z, monitor your budget and provide knowhow & expertise.

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Event coordination

Are you looking for skilled event coordinators? Based on a briefing or script, we coordinate the set-up and breakdown of your production, the entire event or a specific part. We take away your worries and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Event logistics

Our logistics unit helps you find solutions for technical issues, draw plans and carry out transports. Our production staff assists you in the field with the right tools and licenses.

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Does it feel like your company’s cramped space is bursting at the seams? Or does it make sense to store materials with us in the context of a specific project? Our warehouse is available for temporary or long-term storage.


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F&B management

Food & Beverage is one of the main sources of income at public events. We help you maximize sales by deploying an efficient F&B system. We take the lead in planning, controlling and troubleshooting all stages of the F&B process, including a smooth operation and effective stock management.

If you want to make your event a success, then people make the difference. We help you determine and plan staff for each part of your event. Whether it concerns stewards, hostesses or bar staff, we brief and coordinate all staff members to make sure that guests and visitors get the service and friendly welcome they deserve.

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Crew & hospitality


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